The qualitys

  • Quality of service

    Based on the original concept of the art of the Arabian hospitality, we have taken care of the quality of our services. Bayat hotels provide a full 24 hours unique services during the whole week.

  • The quality of materials

    we give attention to the smallest details to create an exceptional stay experience for our guests, where the hotel is designed and built to be an exceptional landmark and tourist destination in Asir. Selecting the finest building materials and decor, taking into account all safety and quality standards within hotel facilities.

We have set clear objectives

  • Meaning

    At Bayat, we have set clear objectives based on the statement “Great success stories start with specific goals”. - The word "Bayat" is derived in our beautiful Arabic language from overnight, descend, and residence “stay". The name was launched to carry a meaning that resonates with all our guests and achieves the meaning of the unique accommodation experience.

  • Values

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