• what is accessibility?

    This simply means easy. People from different ages, nationalities, types, and abilities can use it easily .

  • An accessible website

    When it comes to both our product and our organization, we are at the forefront of innovation. We are curious, enthusiastic and driven by the desire to exceed our users’ expectations. Besides that passion, we have designed and developed our website in an accessible way so that people from different abilities can use it easily, specially eldest people, disabled, and able people who just want to facilitate their bookings. People in Bayat website can: perceive, understand, contribute, navigate, and interact with web in a very simple easy manner. The website includes visuals, physicals, speech, signs, numeral, and figures to facilitate your booking experience.

  • Accessible environment

    To ensure sustainable accessibility on our environment, we have increased the awareness and improved expertise among our teams initiated all the handicap amenities and services that ensures that everyone can use our hotels easily including handicap rooms that provides braille language over the hotel and inside handicap rooms, hearing aids inside rooms, wheelchair accessibility all over the hotel, providing elders handicap equipment, requests for sign language translator, pregnant pillows, baby beds, kids areas, and any kind of specific support that is requested by our guests.

  • Need help?

    If you encounter any difficulties making a reservation or finding hotels information on our site. Feel free to contact us at our Email: info@bayathotels.com , Call us or contact us through WhatsApp on: 00966172266666 , or visit our social media accounts through: http://social.bayathotels.com/bb0YOF